Poison and Power

Goldenheart Mysteries Book 1

The forces of evil don’t care about your social calendar.

Duchess Georgia Goldenheart envisioned a life of parties, gowns, and marriageable noblemen. Instead, the fates handed her a magic sword, the onerous duty to protect the land from supernatural threats, and a mysterious foe leaving a trail of brutal murders through the elegant tiers of society.

Following a poisoning at a party, which interrupted her matchmaking efforts on behalf of her friend Bea, Duchess Goldenheart must now work to unravel a puzzle with potentially world-ending consequences. With the assistance and counsel of Mr. Blue, a wizard, Duchess Goldenheart fends off everything from blood zombies to shadow monsters, all while gathering clues… and attending fabulous balls, in search of the killer. It’s an elegant mystery filled with magic, danger, and dazzling settings.

Can Duchess Goldenheart stop the ancient evil stalking her noble peers - before it turns its deadly attentions to her?