Confidence is Tricky


How do so many people have it? Where does it come from? Every day I wake up and wonder if this is when everyone figures out what a fraud I am. People hire me to illustrate all the time. People hire me to write things. I wake up every day thinking, “Okay, you had a good run.”

There’s that old saying: Fake It Till You Make It.

I’m still faking it, and I certainly haven’t made it.


I have this friend, Sarah, who is probably one of the smartest people I know. She’s a meditation guru, comedian, public speaker… she does like ten things and its always flawless. I asked her what her secret is. She said, “It’s all about energy. I just keep going forward. There’s no point in going back.”

I asked my mother about confidence. She asked me why I don’t ever seem to have any. “We raised you to be have faith in your abilities, to trust you have the energy to do what you need to do. I have never doubted all of my children are geniuses.” I laughed and suggested we inherited our alleged brilliance from her and my father. She said, “Maybe. I suspect you were just born that way.” She didn’t want to sound smug about it, I guess. Modesty is a sign of confidence.

The other day a young writer on Twitter asked me how to fight self-doubt. How does one finish a book and not simply lose faith. I suggested a steady stream of apple fritters. Forbes Magazine published an article on this topic. They said self-confidence is the single most important ingredient and author needs to succeed. There are a number of reasons why (I’ll let you read it in the link), but it all boils down to discipline and energy.


Sarah and my mother both mentioned it.

Forbes also had other suggestions: stay connected to people, keep writing, and revisit your inspirations.

I’ll give it a shot.


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