Ellie Dashwood video on Regency Era Girl’s Education

Ellie DashwoodEllie Dashwood is a history enthusiast with a great YouTube channel (see link here) and a terrific blog (see link). She has several videos about the Regency Era, the Georgian Era, World War II, and Victorian Era.

I enjoyed this video in particular. Her breakdown of education options available to women of a certain class was concise and interesting:



Some of the information in her videos proved useful for Poison & Power, and will likely come in handy on the next one. For example, Ellie Dashwood does a great breakdown in another video on options for marriage during the Regency Era. Her topic is on Pride and Prejudice, when Lydia Bennett elopes with Wickham. Side note: Lydia annoys me more than Marianne Dashwood (Sense and Sensibility) does, but less than Emma Woodhouse (Emma). I’m pretty sure Emma will hold the top spot of annoying Austen characters. Where was I? Right. The love birds head for Scotland, rather than go through the usual system of getting a proper English marriage. Of course, we know what happens with poor Lydia and the vile Wickham. Near disaster for her reputation until Darcy steps in to help out. He bribes Wickham and gets him a commission in a northern regiment, thereby saving the reputation of the entire Bennett family.

Even though my Goldenheart series of books are set in a fantasy realm, the idea is to come very close to Regency Era Britain. The rules are all quite similar, which helps with world-building. It hopefully feels familiar enough to the reader that they can make certain assumptions without going off the proverbial ranch. At the same time, I can build outward with bigger magic and mystery.

To learn more about Ellie Dashwood, check out her channel. I have no doubt you will thoroughly enjoy it.