I love me some YouTube.

Headphones on, I’m in my office writing or drawing. It used to be Pandora, of course. You know, just listen to music while you draw. Don’t listen to new music if you’re writing; too distracting. As we closer to the election, we’re on YouTube, just in case it flips to an important bit of news. I know, I should be more focused, but the real world demands attention. When I find myself losing air against the tide of anger and depression with what is happening, these days, I like to re-visit old YouTube favorites. For that reason, I’m going to show a few snippets of ‘Best of music’ stuff, and then as I think of it I’ll stick a few more cool videos up here later (depending on how much anxiety I get from the next news story on TV).

Ben Ames and his adorable daughter, Adelaide (sp?) from back around 2013 on YouTube. Fantastic performance featuring father/daughter synergy. Recently, I came back across the video and went to make a comment, but they were blocked. Sad. Ben Ames, if you every happen to read this, thank you for the terrific video and I hope you and your family are well.

Carrie Manolakos performing ‘Chandelier’ in NYC sometime around 2014. JUST incredible.

YouTube video of Australian pop shaman Brendan Maclean dazzling us with his ukulele and dance moves.

More YouTube videos to follow.