Overheard (cartoon strip)


For years on social media, I’ve been posting funny little eavesdropping bits (Overheard and then posted). I’ll be sitting at coffee shop, or wandering the aisles of the local grocer and suddenly overhear some tidbit of dialogue. It’s always out of context, of course… and that’s partly what makes it so funny. Sometimes I misunderstand, but that turns out to be kind of funny too. Later, I would go back and quote the bit I heard in a status update. A few people would hit the ‘like’ button, and that would be that: I would forget it all. Last week, a friend commented I should go back and make cartoon strips from the best of them. At first, I was dubious. Then I went and re-read some of them… and you know what…? Yes. Here are my first two. I hope you enjoy. If I do enough of them and have a positive response, I’ll package them all up in a book and see where that goes.

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