That new Miley Cyrus video is swell.

I don’t show music videos often enough on this blog. Don’t know why. I watch a lot of music. For example, Miley Cyrus just came out with a new video and it is really fun and well-produced. That said, what is more fun? Watching other people review it. I know this is a thing now, but I can’t get over these little programs designed to bump up the ratings of mini channels on YouTube and Twitch.  Here are a few samples of the Miley Cyrus watchers out there hoping you will monetize their channels.

Here’s a fellow called ‘MADEIN93’, and his thoughts on Miley Cyrus ‘flowers’:


“I don’t know what sound I was expecting, but it wasn’t this.”
“Chop. Not slop.”

Overall, MADEIN93 and his co-host (whose name I didn’t catch) were fairly thoughtful and reflected on personal growth when the song was finished. I enjoyed their perspective…

Albert and Cynthia, and their thoughts on Miley Cyrus ‘flowers’:

“She looks great.”

See? Fun.