What Lurks in Foster’s Grove?

Recently, I wrote a D&D5e module! Here’s the description:

Everyone knows about Foster’s Grove. It is where the Pixie Princess Cleo Honeyberry blessed the apple groves and lived for a thousand years. Foster’s apples are said to be the best in the world, and the Foster family who farms that land are renowned for their generosity and kindness. Sadly, the great pixie passed away last year. Since then, a dark presence has taken root. The famous red apples are turning green and poisonous. The locals whisper of a shadowy figure amongst the trees. What can we do?

The adventure is for characters level 3-5 in the most excellent roleplaying game in the world. The packet comes with seven beautiful full-color maps (marked and unmarked for your convenience), six adventure locations within the grove, and a delicious apple recipe.

You can find it here >>

It was amusing to write, and I’ve gotten a few responses from people who played. Thumbs up!

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